(Working papers, data, and materials might be available upon request. Please, feel free to contact me)

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Álvarez-Benjumea, A., & Winter, F. (2018). Normative Change and Culture of Hate: An Experiment in Online EnvironmentsEuropean Sociological Review34(3), 223-237.

Working paper

Work in Progress

Alvarez-Benjumea, A., Winter, F. The Breakdown of Anti-Racist Norms: A Natural Experiment on Normative Uncertainty after Terrorist Attacks (under review)

Alvarez-Benjumea, A., Freund, L., Luckner, K., Winter, F. Public Signals as Coordination Devices: The Moderating Effect of Group Identity (in preparation)

Alvarez-Benjumea, A. Asymmetric Contagion of Anti-immigrant Views: The Role of Gender in the Effect of Normative Concerns.

Alvarez-Benjumea, A. Uncovering Hidden Opinions: The contagion of Anti-immigrant Views